Monday, 2 February 2009

Well the weather outside is frightful, Popjustice, Ocean with stevie K

This morning was incredible. I woke up to the whitest views imaginable. From my house in Brighton you can see across the whole valley it's amazing. It was so quiet aswell because there weren't many trains running or cars on the road. Was amazing except for the fact that I was supposed to be in London at 12:30 for a meeting. Didn't go obviously. The snow was so deep and fluffy. It pretty much met my Home Alone expectations.

great snowy view of brighton from my studio window on TwitPic

Me and holly went out for a bit of a snow war. I found the lob and drop technique to be quite accurate. I actually slipped on my arse in the road because I lost concentration whilst I was making fun of the police officers slipping in the road. Idiot.

Popjustice were kind enough to put me on their homepage here. trying to make an angel in the snow. looked more like a radiation warning symbol but I think people got the idea.

here is that snow angel

tried to make a snow angel but t'was too cold on TwitPic

holly's is much better

holly's having more fun than me on TwitPic

my lob and drop technique being executed with flawless efficiency

i'm a snowball assassin on TwitPic

the best snowman of the day.. found it outside of infinity foods

definitely the best snowman i'd seen all day. potatoes for ey... on TwitPic

Also my good friend Stevie K noticed that our 'Ocean' collaboration is now available for download on iTunes (and other online mp3 shops i think). I don't have a link yet. Search 'paul steel ocean' in iTunes store and it should come up.

Here is us making the tune..

Hope everyone enjoyed the snow. It was a beautiful day, and great to see people on the streets with smiles on their faces having fun.

P.S. I've just put 'Crossed The Line' from Moon Rock as a free download on my ReverbNation page . enjoy

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