Tuesday, 13 January 2009

another teaser from april & I animated movie

hey, just had this tweeted at me.

This is Tom Hick's animation for 'Grown Up and Away' which appears near the end of the April & I film. As you can see he's ridiculously talented.. as are all the contributors to the film.

Paul Steel - Grown up and Away from Thomas Hicks on Vimeo.

I've been told he's going to be working with The Xcert's soon... word on the street..shhhhhhhhhhhhh


p.s. remember you can check out stills for each section of the film in my photos section on myspace.

facebook, brighton gig, poster

Hello t'internet.
I've been a good boy this week getting all my social network stuff sorted out. All of them were easy, except for Facebook. Fucking Facebook. The rules of logic don't apply with facebook. It's got it's own secret language and code. I can't really work it out but I've got it in some kind of shape now.. look.

Thanks to everyone who's already signed up to the mailing list. I've never had one of my own before. Even more thanks to people who have signed up to be street team. To be honest there's very little chance of me utilising you wonderful people but the gesture is enough to make me a happy bunny. Maybe you could make up your own flyers and posters and chuck them about in your local town centre? If Radiohead asked me to do that I'd tell them to get stuffed but they're not as desperate as me.

Thanks to my friend DJ Yuriko Okamura I've gotten hold of this ickle poster for the March 9th Club Quattro Show in Tokyo.. You can't really read it cause it's too small but it looks pretty anyway.

Also, any Brighton folk around on 21st January, I'm doing a solo show at the Latest Music Bar (formerly Joogleberry) with Emma King and the Magic Bullet Band. I'll probably play a few new tunes so pop along if you're interested.

I'm thinking about starting an album writing/recording diary for the next batch of songs. One conflict always is the fact that time spent writing a diary or blog is time spent neglecting your creative responsibility! I will practice a healthy balance.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

stills from April & I movie

I've just received some stills from the April & I animated movie that I've been harping on about for about a year. Here's a still for each section:

April's Theme


Worst Day

Take It Or Leave It

School Bully

I Gave Her My Number

Honkin' (On My Crackpipe)

Grown Up and Away

April & I


all pretty different right? it's great because everyone who I've played it to has a different favourite but they're all equally stunning.

and here's Andy Martin's Honkin' (on my crackpipe) video again

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Download Ray Gun for free, and other digital revelations

I've spent the last couple of days getting everything ready for the digital uprising of 2009. No more analogue TV. No more CDs. NO MORE CASSETTES.. what?
Now now I'm on Twitter, ReverbNation, YouTube, Blogspot, Facebook, Last.FM, and of course trusty old MySpace. I've been trying my hardest to hook them all up so they all get updated at the same time. So please do sign up to the social networks of your choice and follow what I've got going on at the moment.

It's been a while since I've posted anything new and I know a lot of people have been asking about this track over the last year or so. So I've uploaded Ray Gun, recorded last year at Air Studios. It has only appeared as a bonus track on the Japanese version of Moon Rock. As a thankyou and a little gift for 2009 you can download it for free at ReverbNationin exchange for your email address (just so I can keep you updated on any goings on).

Got a lot planned for 2009 with my gig in Tokyo in March and the eventual release of the Moon Rock album and April & I movie so keep checking back to my pages as I'll update them often.

Also I'm going to get my weird website kicking off again so be sure to head to www.paulsteelmusic.com sometime soon.

Cheers me buddies

Monday, 5 January 2009


testing. do you read? over