Tuesday, 13 January 2009

facebook, brighton gig, poster

Hello t'internet.
I've been a good boy this week getting all my social network stuff sorted out. All of them were easy, except for Facebook. Fucking Facebook. The rules of logic don't apply with facebook. It's got it's own secret language and code. I can't really work it out but I've got it in some kind of shape now.. look.

Thanks to everyone who's already signed up to the mailing list. I've never had one of my own before. Even more thanks to people who have signed up to be street team. To be honest there's very little chance of me utilising you wonderful people but the gesture is enough to make me a happy bunny. Maybe you could make up your own flyers and posters and chuck them about in your local town centre? If Radiohead asked me to do that I'd tell them to get stuffed but they're not as desperate as me.

Thanks to my friend DJ Yuriko Okamura I've gotten hold of this ickle poster for the March 9th Club Quattro Show in Tokyo.. You can't really read it cause it's too small but it looks pretty anyway.

Also, any Brighton folk around on 21st January, I'm doing a solo show at the Latest Music Bar (formerly Joogleberry) with Emma King and the Magic Bullet Band. I'll probably play a few new tunes so pop along if you're interested.

I'm thinking about starting an album writing/recording diary for the next batch of songs. One conflict always is the fact that time spent writing a diary or blog is time spent neglecting your creative responsibility! I will practice a healthy balance.

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