Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My Joe Raposo sesame street tribute

hi everyone,

my cover of "look around" from sesame street for the Joe Raposo tribute album is now up on the Joe Raposo MySpace. lots of other great covers there aswell chexx it out


Tuesday, 17 February 2009

honkin on myspace music homepage

nice bit of unexpected news today. i found my old 'Honkin' on my crack pipe' video linked on the Myspace music homepage courtesey of Empire of the Sun . it's always good to get the exposure.. plus i haven't seen that video in ages.. Empire of the Sun have got 2 killer videos up there too. walking on a dream

all this activity has reminded me to let you know in the coming weeks I will be uploading sections from April & I: an animated movie on a weekly-basis with a full online release of the film on iTunes at week 10. i'll let you know when this kicks off.. also to supplement all this I'm going to try to do a bunch of 15 second songs for your enjoyment.. listening to it will be just like having a scotch egg just before dinner.. you know.. a little snack to tide you over before the banquet.

anybody reading this that wants to hear some of my music without spending a penny will be relieved to know that 'Ray Gun' is still a free download on my ReverbNation page. get it daaaan ya

went to london for a few meetings yesterday. had a great time in the end.. after my first meeting i went to the tate modern which was full of little shits on their half term breaks. mostly 6-10 year olds. when they're at their most annoying.. good height for drop kicking over that humungous spiderlike sculpture on the ground floor. i wanted to take pictures of art and stuff but my camera literally ran out of battery so i decided i was going to walk to oxford circus instead and take it all in.. i had no idea where oxford circus was in relation to the tate modern but i navigated my way back using the underground map as a to-scale reference. mostly right angled turns etc etc. had second meeting. went really well and then got a few drinks on the way home. pretty annoyed my camera was out of battery.. made up for it though by taking pictures of myself with my camera-phone.. doing some action shots of me sitting down after my long "tiring" day.. sitting mostly with the odd stand/lean put in for good measure.. they were pretty good shots but then i remembered i dont have the cable to upload the shots on to my computer.. i hate myself

next few months look like they're going to be a right ickle giggle with the tokyo show, a few london/brighton gigs, release of april & i movie, release of moon rock + 'in a coma' video, etc eTcETFHcJCETTTTCCCCCCC. this is the marketing equivalent to getting punched right between your goolies/ladybits. everything at once

i'm going to bed now. thanks for reading

Sunday, 15 February 2009

joe raposo tribute album, 75 minute set, gigs

i spent last week finishing up a track for a Joe Raposo tribute album..

"Joseph Guilherme Raposo Jr., OIH (February 8, 1937 – February 5, 1989) was a Portuguese-American composer, songwriter, pianist, television writer and lyricist, best known for his work on the children's television series Sesame Street, for which he wrote the theme song, as well as classic songs such as "Bein' Green" and "C is for Cookie". He also wrote music for television shows such as The Electric Company, Shining Time Station and the sitcom Three's Company, including its theme song. In addition to these works, Raposo also composed extensively for the Dr. Seuss productions Halloween Is Grinch Night, Pontoffel Pock, Where Are You? and The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat."

I chose the song "Look Around" from sesame street to cover and had a great time recording it. It's pretty different to the original yet I think it still preserves the spirit.

Other act's confirmed for the album include Louis Phillipe, The Heavy Blinkers, The Simple Carnival, The Green Fields and many others still being announced. Click here to keep an eye on progress. I'm very happy and honoured to be involved.


Full band rehearsals for our 75 minute set at club quattro in tokyo (march 9th) start next week. I struggle to remember words to songs in a 6 song set let alone an 18 song set. It's mental. I might record myself reading the lyrics out and put them on my ipod.. like a 'learn to speak italian' tape.. or 'Harry Potter and the vampires earlobe' narrated by Stephen Fry. i could just listen to the songs. i haven't thought this through.


There are a few other one-off shows I'll be playing in march either solo or full band. We're hoping to play the 'April & I' animated film at one or a couple of these. Will let you know as they get confirmed.

Right now I'm gonna watch the Milan derby and get an early night. Hoping to do some touristy London bits between meetings tomorrow. Will try and take some photos of me having an OK time on my lonesome.

Have a nice week.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Well the weather outside is frightful, Popjustice, Ocean with stevie K

This morning was incredible. I woke up to the whitest views imaginable. From my house in Brighton you can see across the whole valley it's amazing. It was so quiet aswell because there weren't many trains running or cars on the road. Was amazing except for the fact that I was supposed to be in London at 12:30 for a meeting. Didn't go obviously. The snow was so deep and fluffy. It pretty much met my Home Alone expectations.

great snowy view of brighton from my studio window on TwitPic

Me and holly went out for a bit of a snow war. I found the lob and drop technique to be quite accurate. I actually slipped on my arse in the road because I lost concentration whilst I was making fun of the police officers slipping in the road. Idiot.

Popjustice were kind enough to put me on their homepage here. trying to make an angel in the snow. looked more like a radiation warning symbol but I think people got the idea.

here is that snow angel

tried to make a snow angel but t'was too cold on TwitPic

holly's is much better

holly's having more fun than me on TwitPic

my lob and drop technique being executed with flawless efficiency

i'm a snowball assassin on TwitPic

the best snowman of the day.. found it outside of infinity foods

definitely the best snowman i'd seen all day. potatoes for ey... on TwitPic

Also my good friend Stevie K noticed that our 'Ocean' collaboration is now available for download on iTunes (and other online mp3 shops i think). I don't have a link yet. Search 'paul steel ocean' in iTunes store and it should come up.

Here is us making the tune..

Hope everyone enjoyed the snow. It was a beautiful day, and great to see people on the streets with smiles on their faces having fun.

P.S. I've just put 'Crossed The Line' from Moon Rock as a free download on my ReverbNation page . enjoy

Sunday, 1 February 2009

video, snow, solo shows

Last week Matt Anstee (see my top friends) finished a cut of his video for 'In A Coma'. It's amazing. My job in it was easy as it was mainly lying down being in a coma (except for some expressive dance and floating in space etc.. etc.. you know that ol' chestnut). Film and TV fans will be delighted to see Ralph Brown in a starring role as The Doctor. Brighton music fans might recognise Aaron King, Mike Lord, Duncan Ladkin, Xcerts and loads and loads of other cameos not to mention the dancers, ambulances, hospitals, taxis and all that. Massive thanks to everyone who took part in making the video It's a really cool ambitious DIY video done on a tiny budget. I think you'll like it.

It's snowing tonight in Brighton. Real nice and thick. It's just like my fantasy Home Alone winter. I have meetings tomorrow so I can't go out and play but i will watch out the window like Macaulay Culkin staring at old man Marley. Made Spagetti Bolognaise and watched I Heart Huckerby's earlier. Was very funny.. Even got me thinking quite philosophically about a unifying energy running through the fabric of our interconnected lives. I'm lying of course but it did get me thinking about something other than music and football for a change.

In March me and the band are doing our first show in Tokyo. We're doing a hefty 75minute set which should be interesting. We're hoping to play lots of songs from April & I and Moon Rock that we've not played together as a band before as well as a cover which will be great fun. Also I'm going to do a small solo set to showcase some more unusual tunes and some new ones. We're going into rehearsals this week so it should be thumping by time we play the show.

Thanks @yukilogue for a beautifully taken picture of the flyer
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I've been developing my solo show a little bit. I'm getting to grips with looping technology allowing me to record short phrases and play over them (some call it the 'KT Tunstall'.. i prefer the 'Paul Steel' because I did it first and David Ford, Ed Harcourt, KT Tunstall etc etc have definitely not done this before me.. so.. dont bother looking it up or anything..k?). The results at the Joogleberry show a few weeks ago were catastrophic but fun and I hope to do a few more shows in that format soon. I reckon as soon as I get good at it then I wont enjoy it anymore so I'll practice sparingly.

Ah ok, maybe David Ford is better than me at it after all (cheers @NLittlejohns for sending me this and helping me realise how much work I have left to do):


I've demoed lots of new material to near completion. It's a lot more rocky and electronic than anything I've done before.. I'm coming close to having an albums worth. Some of the songs are more direct and poppy but the production is definitely a lot weirder (probably a direct result of the incense sticks i've been stabbing myself in the eyes with. Also my alter ego has resumed composing another concept album.. that's all I fucking need.. another ridiculous rock opera for the world to ignore.. NICE ONE ALTER-EGO YOU BELL-END! seriously though it's happening and going alright I think.

Also, we're looking to upload each section of the April & I animated movie in monthly installments until the online release which will be soonish..

I don't know how this blog got so long. Might just watch the Superbowl and go to bed.. although I dont really understand american football so I might just go to bed.