Tuesday, 17 February 2009

honkin on myspace music homepage

nice bit of unexpected news today. i found my old 'Honkin' on my crack pipe' video linked on the Myspace music homepage courtesey of Empire of the Sun . it's always good to get the exposure.. plus i haven't seen that video in ages.. Empire of the Sun have got 2 killer videos up there too. walking on a dream

all this activity has reminded me to let you know in the coming weeks I will be uploading sections from April & I: an animated movie on a weekly-basis with a full online release of the film on iTunes at week 10. i'll let you know when this kicks off.. also to supplement all this I'm going to try to do a bunch of 15 second songs for your enjoyment.. listening to it will be just like having a scotch egg just before dinner.. you know.. a little snack to tide you over before the banquet.

anybody reading this that wants to hear some of my music without spending a penny will be relieved to know that 'Ray Gun' is still a free download on my ReverbNation page. get it daaaan ya

went to london for a few meetings yesterday. had a great time in the end.. after my first meeting i went to the tate modern which was full of little shits on their half term breaks. mostly 6-10 year olds. when they're at their most annoying.. good height for drop kicking over that humungous spiderlike sculpture on the ground floor. i wanted to take pictures of art and stuff but my camera literally ran out of battery so i decided i was going to walk to oxford circus instead and take it all in.. i had no idea where oxford circus was in relation to the tate modern but i navigated my way back using the underground map as a to-scale reference. mostly right angled turns etc etc. had second meeting. went really well and then got a few drinks on the way home. pretty annoyed my camera was out of battery.. made up for it though by taking pictures of myself with my camera-phone.. doing some action shots of me sitting down after my long "tiring" day.. sitting mostly with the odd stand/lean put in for good measure.. they were pretty good shots but then i remembered i dont have the cable to upload the shots on to my computer.. i hate myself

next few months look like they're going to be a right ickle giggle with the tokyo show, a few london/brighton gigs, release of april & i movie, release of moon rock + 'in a coma' video, etc eTcETFHcJCETTTTCCCCCCC. this is the marketing equivalent to getting punched right between your goolies/ladybits. everything at once

i'm going to bed now. thanks for reading

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