Monday, 11 May 2009

'Moon Rock' and 'April & I: animated movie' UK release - 20th July

hey hiiii,

finally... it's a pleasure and a f**king huge relief to announce the date for the release of my 'Moon Rock' LP, recorded in various bedrooms, mixed in LA by tony hoffer, featuring some of LAs finest orchestral musicians conducted by david campbell.. and me.. will be released digitally in the UK on JULY 20th 2009 . On the same day the 'April & I: animated movie' will also be available for download.

I'll be uploading each part of the movie, section by section over the next 10 weeks to stream.. with it available to purchase on the 10th week so be sure to check back everyweek.

On July 6th i'll be released 'In A Coma' as a little single which will be accompanied by Matt Anstee's wicked video that we finished earlier this year, starring the super slick Ralph Brown (Withnail & I, Wayne's World 2, Aliens 3 etc etc etc), Aaron King (musical prodigy), Duncan Ladkin (Tech For Lyfe), The Xcerts, Mike Lord (Stars & Sons), skeletal nurses and many other beautiful faces..(and me again.. gutted).

Also I'll be sporadically uploading some little 15 second songs for you to download whilst you wait. I'm sure there'll be some other "content" (as they call it) for you to gobble down also.

At some point in the coming weeks I will start recording my next project so I might do a little diary for music and gear nerds like me who like that sort of thing.

May the 11th be with you.. mm.. doesn't work.
phat love

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